Find an Appraiser — What to Expect from your Appraiser

Fells Point Warehouse
An appraiser provides an independent and impartial opinion of value for real estate. Appraisers must operate independently in preparing a valuation, using financial analysis, physical review, and industry comparisons.

Our approach to each assignment is unique. Depending on the type of property and the purpose of the appraisal your appraiser will consider one to three three approaches to value. The Appraiser will also consider the highest and best use of your property.

Sales Comparison Approach– Your Appraiser will utilize the latest USPAP guidelines in preparing your appraisal. This procedure will include an opinion of value for your property by comparing it with similar properties that have been sold or are for sale in the relevant marketplace by making adjustments to prices based on marketplace conditions and the properties’ characteristics of value in order to determine a opinion of market value.

Cost Approach– Your Appraiser will utilize current USPAP guidelines to estimate the current costs to reproduce or create a property with another of comparable use and marketability.

Income Approach– Your Appraiser will utilize the latest USPAP guidelines to conclude an opinion of present value by calculating the anticipated monetary benefits (such as income stream) for an income-producing property. Your appraiser will identify market value of your real estate based on a comparison of other properties that produce equivalent income returns.